Broken Laptop Marketplace

Most of the laptops in this broken laptop marketplace have two things in common - they are for sale cheap and they are broken. For the technically inclined many of these broken laptops only need a replacement part in order to repair them.

In our experience we have found that a large percentage of customers choose not to repair a laptop computer because of the price of the parts and labor. For technicians this creates an opportunity to use parts from broken laptops to repair the machines and resell them at a nice profit.

Broken HP Laptops for Sale

Broken HP Laptop

When an HP laptop has been troubleshot and diagnosed with a bad motherboard many customers will decide that the do not want to spend the money on having the motherboard replaced in the broken laptop. They decide that it would be wiser to sell the broken laptop cheap and just buy a new laptop computer.

This is quite understandable so it creates an opportunity to acquire a broken laptop which can be fixed relatively easily with a replacement part and then resold for a profit. Any device can have parts go bad within them. Obviously a technically inclined individual will have the ability to repair the device.

The lifespan of a laptop computer is surprisingly long and in many cases we will work on laptops that are over 10 years old still doing what they were originally intended to do.

Broken Toshiba Laptops for Sale

Broken Toshiba Laptop

Some of the most popular feedback we get from other technicians while we are out in the field is that a broken laptop which is not intended to be repaired will be used to scavenge parts from in order to repair multiple other broken laptops.

Most techs have a nice surplus of broken laptops on hand to be used as a great source of good parts. Broken laptop parts also provide a great way of using the parts simply to test other portable computers during the troubleshooting process. The absolute best way to troubleshoot an issue with a computer is to use known good parts to help discover exactly what the hardware issue is.

See our selection of broken Toshiba laptops for sale.

Broken Acer Laptops for Sale

Broken Acer Laptop

We have seen an increase of newer Acer Aspire One mini laptops being sold really cheap because something breaks and the owner does not want to spend any money to repair the broken laptop since it was bought at such a low price in the first place. We find this to be the case on most laptops which originally sold for under $600 because it does not make sense for the customer to spend much money to repair these.

Once again there is an opportunity to buy these really cheap and use them to repair other broken laptops or actually fix them because time and again we find that they really do not need much to fix them.

A broken LCD for example is an expensive repair but if you have the part you can wind up with a great laptop or you can resell it for a profit.

Locating hard to find laptop parts on the other hand can be a frustrating challenge and in the case of old laptops this can be nearly impossible without spending an arm and a leg on them. Our selection of broken old laptops is kept up to date in real time so our customers can have the opportunity to access all the latest deals.

Broken Compaq Laptops for Sale

Broken Compaq Laptop

By design there is very little interchangeability between various laptop computer models. Sure some have parts which are interchangeable with other models with slight variances in the product line. But they are nothing like swapping parts in desktops which have form factor standards like Standard-ATX, Mini-ATX, etc.

Many of the broken laptops in our selection give you the opportunity to buy not only the machine for when you plan to repair it but each can be used as a treasure trove of laptop parts for a particular model as well. This is great the next time you need to troubleshoot and repair the same model. We know how having access to the right laptop parts makes repairs much more efficient for a technician.