10 Easy Keyboard Shortcuts

Using Windows keyboard shortcuts means that you use the actual Windows key in combination with one or more other keys on the keyboard. The Windows key is the key on the keyboard which has the little Windows graphic symbol. Using these can be very handy for getting around really quickly on your laptop computer running Windows XP or Windows Vista or other versions of Windows as the installed operating system. A lot of people find this to be a significantly quicker way of moving around on a laptop computer when compared to using the track stick, touch pad, or USB mouse if you use one of them along with your laptop.

When using these laptop keyboard shortcuts and Windows key combinations you are able to move around while concentrating on other things and this can often be done by using just one hand as well.

  • Windows key + M key will minimize all open windows
  • Windows key by itself opens and closes the Start Menu
  • Windows key + F key opens the search function
  • Windows key + D key shows desktop
  • Windows key + F1 key opens up Windows Help
  • Windows key + R key brings up the Run dialog box
  • Windows key + L key switches users
  • Windows key + E key opens Windows Explorer / My Computer
  • Windows key + G key selects the next sidebar gadget in Vista
  • Windows key + the space bar displays the sidebar in Vista

The Windows key has the little Microsoft Windows logo on it, and it is usually located just slightly to the left of the space bar on the laptop keyboard. So moving left from the space bar you should see the Alt key and then you should see the Windows key.

Not too many people know these so maybe someone will call you a computer whiz, or maybe just a computer geek. Either way this is kind of impressive to see someone doing all this stuff on the keyboard without even having to touch the mouse at all.

The Windows key when used in combination with one or more of the other keys on the laptop keyboard will ultimately allow you to use some of the more common and useful tasks for getting around in the Windows operating systems such as XP and Vista which include 10 of my favorites as shown here.

Using these 10 Windows Keyboard Shortcuts is a very quick and simple way to open up and use what I need at any given time while working with Windows XP and with Windows Vista laptops. When you know these common tricks it will come in handy in many different troubleshooting situations and helps in your overall productivity when using a laptop computer in your everyday computing tasks.

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