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In reality it is not too difficult to find standardized laptop components to upgrade or repair broken laptops. However in other cases you need to locate the exact part for the right model. These are often either not so easy to find or are too expensive for the customer and then they decide they don’t want to spend the money to repair the computer. These are in essence the not so easy to find proprietary components which you don’t find at the local computer or electronics stores.

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Broken Laptop Parts LCD Screen

Replacement LCD Finder

The really big ticket repair parts are of course going to be the motherboard replacements and the LCD screen replacements. These are typically the highest dollar repairs due to a couple of reasons. As you know the laptop parts themselves are usually relatively expensive so it is typical that the customer may have to think about it for a while which is quite understandable. However the amount of time it takes to get the troubleshooting done, the ordering done, and then the installation and reassembling of the laptop done followed by any issues with the OS and drivers etc. also plays a huge part in why this is typically one of the more expensive repair jobs.

The same holds true for broken, cracked, or just plain old bad LCD display screens. It can be fairly time consuming to properly troubleshoot, dismantle and then install the replacement. The overall cost of the laptop screen can get way up there in price too as you know.

Broken Laptop Parts Motherboard

Replacement Motherboard Finder

We keep easy to use up to date direct feeds to these broken laptops and parts which allows techs to find not only the proprietary parts they are looking for but the best deals at the moment as well.

Many techs are using this service as their source for broken laptops parts when they are otherwise either too hard to find or too expensive elsewhere. Feel free to compare these prices to your other sources. You should be pleasantly surprised.

We know how every dollar can count these days and it is great to keep the customer happy by being able to actually offer to repair their broken laptops at a lower price than the competition is going to quote them.