DV2000 no Video but does not look Damaged

If you have worked on a lot of faulty laptop computers over the years then you know how many of the broken HP DV2000 in the Pavilion series of laptops will be in great cosmetic condition but need some expensive repair work done to them. This is typically a motherboard replacement job and a lot of customers will simply choose not to fix it due to the cost of labor and parts. This being the case, you can usually find some really good deals if you use our search feature but don’t let the cosmetic condition fool you. These can have some really common issues as you probably know. After you do some basic troubleshooting on enough of them though, as you dismantle the laptop and testing it with known good parts, the end result is almost always the same. Ultimately it is the motherboard that is likely going to be the issue here. If the computer powers up, there will most likely not be any video. Other times they will not power up at all.

Usually though the power indicator lights will come on and you can hear the fans spinning but there is nothing showing on the display. You can hook the laptop up to an external monitor in order to test the video out, but on the HP Pavilion DV2000 laptops the video will often be faulty with no display on the external monitor either. This is quite common among this model and we see it on specific model numbers like dv2313cl, dv2413cl and others under the DV series of Pavilion laptops including the DV6000 and DV9000 as well. Unfortunately these damaged laptops fell under recall in the past due to these issues.

There are other frequent instances where the DV2000 will not power up at all. Keep in mind that you should always test the laptop with and without the battery. We always test the power adapter as well and you can try a known good one too. This is also going to almost always wind up being a repair that requires the faulty motherboard to be replaced in the damaged laptop. Due to the cost though people usually put them up for sale or they may have a small trade-in value they can use if they are looking at another laptop.