Faulty Laptop Configuration

A reminder for techs to look at the basics first. There are literally countless occurrences of the broken laptops being in such a state due not to any hardware issues but to software configuration issues, corruptions and so on. These are often not so easy to properly troubleshoot and resolve basically due to the high number of variables involved.

One recent example was where there was a faulty laptop which the customer could not get the laptop to work with the fax. Obviously this involves the proper hardware as well as software to begin with along with the proper configurations to be able to send as well as receive faxes on the laptop.

This was not working but some basic troubleshooting of the faulty laptop and we were able to get the customer up and running in no time. The basic issue was with simply getting the aforementioned necessary components properly setup. The customer needed to use the Windows Fax component on a slightly older laptop to be configured with their internal fax modem.

This project was done on site at the customers request and they did indeed have a new scanner and a separate printer. For those of you who are used to just configuring a new all-in-one and away you go, this is typically very easy. When the components are not so conveniently located in one machine then it becomes just a bit more complicated. Overall this is not too difficult of a task to undertake but for most people is can get a bit cumbersome.