Faulty Laptops Easy Fix

Whether you are looking for faulty laptops for sale so that you can repair them or just use them for spare parts you should be aware of the main components which make up the laptop and often make for a really easy fix.

Faulty Laptops Easy Fix

As you know the brain of the laptop so to speak is the CPU or Central Processing Unit which makes all of the decisions such as directing what the other components should do and when they should do what they. The CPU will also control the flow of data as well. The speed of the processor will typically determine the speed of the laptop overall although this is not the only factor in determining how fast a laptop is. A laptop does not have to be faulty to be super slow which brings us to the next main component.

The system memory also called RAM (Random Access Memory) is another major player in the overall speed of a laptop computer. If a laptop has a really fast processor and is running Windows Vista for example then you would expect it to be fairly responsive. If the computer only had 512MB of RAM for example and your customer was trying to play a rather video intensive game then it may wind up in your shop on you faulty laptops incoming repair bench.

One of the first hardware bits of information that should be checked on a laptop performing slowly would be the amount of system memory (RAM) as well as the amount being used by processes and or applications. Many times in these situations the laptop is not faulty it just needs more memory. You probably are aware of how frequently this occurs and basically the customer just needs an upgrade.

The basic rule of thumb for Windows Vista or Windows 7 is that the laptop should have at least 1GB of RAM in order to perform basic everyday computing functions without being extremely boggy in most cases. XP is good with a minimum of 512MB. Many of the faulty laptops for sale often needed nothing more than a simple upgrade of some sort.