Faulty Laptops for Repair

One thing about it is that when you go to turn your laptop on and then find that absolutely nothing happens, it is indeed not a good feeling. This typically causes an immediate sense that makes you wonder what is going on or not on in this instance. There are several steps that you can take while troubleshooting faulty laptops in this situation.

Faulty Laptops for Repair

If absolutely nothing happens when the laptop power button is turned on then you should first get a known good power adapter and plug it into a known good electrical wall outlet.

If still nothing happens with the computer then try removing the battery. If the laptop will not power on with or without the battery you should be sure that there are no other external devices plugged into the faulty laptops USB ports etc.
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Now if you are technically inclined and you are comfortable with opening the faulty laptop up in any fashion then it is easy to simply reseat the memory chips one at a time. As you remove the RAM try each by itself to see if the faulty laptop will power on. If not try each chip by itself.

If there are still no signs of lights or fans spinning at all on the faulty laptop then you should remove the optical drive and try to power on the laptop. Basically at this point if there is still no power or response by the faulty laptop at all then it is time to have to begin completely dismantling the laptop.

This is definitely not a job for most people who are not technicians or highly technically inclined. Basically you would then begin troubleshooting the faulty laptops issue down to the motherboard. Rarely is the issue going to be the processor or anything else for the most part.