Faulty Laptops Needing Drives

Some user’s broken laptops for sale needed nothing more than a hard drive and operating system installation performed. However some customers do not want to pay to have the repairs done. When a faulty laptop will not load the operating system for example a common troubleshooting step is to boot into the BIOS to see if the hard drive is recognized on the suspected faulty laptop.

If the hard drive is not seen in the BIOS then we will test the connection, the board as well as the drive but in most instances this will be a bad hard drive.

In situations where the drive is not recognized it can mean a rather expensive repair if the hard drive is bad. The reason why it becomes expensive is often the customer will need the old data retrieved off of the faulty laptop hard drive. This is possible in many cases as we have many ways of attempting to retrieve the lost yet important data but it is very time consuming. In addition the customer may want to go ahead and purchase a new hard drive and then want the operating system installed along with all of the correct drivers and updates etc. This is why it can be a fairly expensive combination of processes.

Some customers already have their data backed up and simply want a new hard drive installed. Others will occasionally just want to put up the faulty laptop for sale but this is rather rare in these instances. Most of the time the laptop owner will want to go ahead with the new drive install and the operating system install and this is not extremely expensive. It is much cheaper than getting a whole new laptop. The important thing for anyone to remember is to keep their data backed up. Drives will eventually fail in any computer and depending on the level of failure of the faulty laptop drive the data can be retrieved yet this can become expensive.