How to Change Vista Default Folder View

If you are like many users who have Vista installed on their laptop computer you may have quickly and rather unhappily discovered how annoying it can be to have to constantly change the default Folder Views from details to list for example. This is basically faulty in the fact that it is not as intuitive to change as it was in XP for example.

When a Folder has many files in it then it is simply easier to work with the layout if the Folder is displaying the items in a list view. There are some simple steps in order to accomplish setting the default Folder View in Windows Vista to how ever you would like them to appear.

1. Start by opening any Folder. Click the Organize button (below the drop down menus) and then choose Folder and Search Options.

2. In the new window choose the View tab and then click the Reset Folders button and hit OK.

3. Now you can click View from the drop down menu along the top (menu bar) and choose your preferred display style such as List, Details, and Small Icons etc.

4. Now you can once again click on the Organize button (below the drop down menus) and choose Folder and Search Options. In the new little window that opens you can select the View tab and choose the Apply to Folders button. This will give a popup asking if you want to have these settings applied to all of your Folders. Choose yes in order to apply the new settings.

One last thing:

For your new Folders you create (or if you would prefer to do existing Folders one at a time) you can open the Folder, go to View in the drop down menu, then choose Customize this Folder and put a check in “Also apply this template to all subfolders”.

You will find that all of your Folders now have the layout of your choice in Windows Vista fixing what many people consider a faulty design on their laptops and desktops. Many people prefer to have the contents of their Folders displayed in the List view and this laptop tip will get your Folders displayed the way you prefer in Vista.