What to do with Old Laptop Computers

When customers ask about what to do with old laptop computers that they have, one of the first questions we ask is whether it works. This means it is important to know what is not functioning properly, and this includes the software and the hardware within the computer. The software, including the operating system is not of a concern but what it does do is give us any indications of some of the hardware which might have issues. For instance when they complain about issues connecting to the network or Internet it can be an indication that the network card has issues. In an old laptop this can be an issue do to certain limitations only old laptops have depending upon just how old they are.

Take an old Windows 2000 laptop for instance. We have seen instances of these where the network card is faulty and every time that we would install the driver it would not fix the issue. Even after multiple attempts and verifications of appropriate and updated drivers the card in one of these old laptops prevents it from working. Then if you try to use a USB network adapter you may find that there are compatibility issues for such an old laptop with an old operating system like Win2k as in this example. If you do find one and decide to try it, you are then putting money into an older laptop with limited capabilities and which may not be worth the expense or the effort of trying to get everything updated and functioning properly. This is usually not worth it in these instances if you plan to resell it.

This is just one example of how some of the really old laptops can begin to not be worth the effort when are broken or there is something wrong with them. But when customers do ask how to sell old laptop computers that are in working condition then there are some pretty standard answers that we offer them. Depending upon the model, and assuming that it is in good cosmetic as well as operational condition, putting the old laptops for sale in an online marketplace like eBay for instance can bring the seller a fair value that is highly worth their time and effort. The benefit of selling a laptop this way is that it is an open marketplace which allows the seller to get the best price and to get exposure to the most potential buyers. This is far better than other alternatives which we have seen like running local ads and other such efforts. This can be extremely time consuming when you get people who are not really serious about buying and there is no security or protection either.

Some faulty laptops are worth selling for parts but it requires a computer shop or technician who has a current or future need for the parts. This is often going to be one of those times where it may not bring in much money but at least it is an option. So to sell old laptop computers for the best price means that it should not be too old and that the hardware is in good operational condition. The cosmetic appearance of the case and LCD screen should be very good as well. The software, although it can be an indicator of potential issues, is not too important at all to a technician. When we buy old laptops we always wipe the drive clean and do clean installations of the OS then update the drivers and install the apps as necessary before we resell them.