Widescreen Laptops

Many people prefer going with widescreen laptops basically for the multimedia opportunities which exist with them. There are so many movies which are formatted to look their best with a widescreen format that it only makes sense to apply this option to your laptop computer as well. The overall viewing experience can be easily enhanced in a variety of ways and within multiple applications providing you have not only the right hardware configurations but also the right software.

There is not much of a reason for the movie watcher to keep the widescreen super close to them as they watch their movies because even at a reasonable distance from the screen you can still quite comfortably watch the movie with a widescreen laptop.

Today with a powerful dual core processor and even a Blu-ray optical drive you have some great tools for your movie watching endeavors. There are plenty of laptops available with HDMI outputs as well and these are great for hooking the laptop up to a really big plasma TV if you are so inclined.

Of course the laptop is fully capable of performing the daily routines of work or school on it but it is awesome to know that your widescreen laptop is also powerful enough to provide a real multimedia experience any time and anywhere you want.

Dual layer capabilities of Blu-ray are cool in computers because they are capable of storing 50 GB of data which is a whole lot of data. With this much space you could watch the HD movies continuously for a very long time right from the DVD disc.

Generally a 17 inch laptop screen is starting to get to be a fairly good size as far as laptop screens go. The overall performance of these is very high quality and can be used for everything from business presentations to simply relaxing and watching some movies.